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    Campaign only lets me pick one product

    Hello, I am creating a campaign but there is a drop down that only lets me pick one of my products. I want to create a campaign for more than one product. How do I do that? Thank you for help.
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    My sales reps can't see the message builder

    I have two add-on users and they cannot see the sales message builder. Is there a way to give them access?
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    Can I see scheduled emails

    Is there a place where I can see the emails that are currently scheduled to go out at some point in the future?
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    How to do I connect my account with my salesperson's account

    How do I connect my account with my salesperson's account so that they can see all of my scripts and CRM data?
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    Hiring good cold callers

    I follow your advice closely with my hiring process for cold callers. The issue I'm having, is that after going through training and such, many of the people we've been trying to hire end up being "no shows" on their official first day. Have you ever experienced this? The turnover is getting...
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    Follow-up cold calls

    I get some people on the phone and they just wanted an email. So ive sent a few after call emails. What would be the next course of action you would take? If I send the email what am I going to be calling them about next time?
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    Hot transfer with my telemarketing provider

    I have hired a telemarketing company to help with appointment setting. They said that they can do a hot transfer when they have a lead instead of setting the appointment. Should we do this or set the appointment?
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    Clone or copy a custom script

    I have created a custom call script in the sales playbook. Is there a way to duplicate, copy, or clone that script?
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    Email guesser result all are valid

    Hello I often get results in the email guesser where all the email combinations are valid. What does that mean?? By the way I love the email guesser!!!!
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    How do I cancel

    I would like to cancel my subscription. I like the system but just not using right now and will sign back up when I am ready to use it.