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    Remove unsubscribe?

    Hi is it possible to remove the link at the bottom of emails for unsubscribe?
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    Do I need to integrate with Mailchimp for email drip campaigns

    I want to setup mail drip campaigns. The only way to do this is with connecting with my MailChimp account correct?
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    email limit

    What if I need to spend more than 10k emails pet month?
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    Credit card services getting around gatekeeper

    I am in the credit card business going B2B trying to meet with the business owner...what do you recommend in your offering to help me to get through to the business owner past the gatekeeper?
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    Do you have to pay to post jobs on Work at Home Moms website?

    I went to that website but it appears that you have to pay to post jobs. Is there a way to do that for free?
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    Get annual discount later

    Hello if I sign up with monthly subscription, can I switch later to the annual and still get the annual discount. After I see if I like it first?
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    Managing follow-up

    Hello are sending out series of emails and plan to call in parallel. How do we manage and schedule all of those calls in terms of notifications and reminders to call the prospects that we are emailing?
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    Hi, I often get objections in cold calling with the following combinations. Its 2 or more objections in one go. How should I handle them ?. 1) We are all set. Please take us off from your calling list 2) We don't have the time. Please don't call again 3) No response
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    how to respond to what is this call in regards to

    What is this call in regards to is difficult what should I do?
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    Does your system work for medical devices?

    Does your system work for medical devices?
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    What if I already have a CRM

    Do I have to use your CRM? I already have a CRM that we are happy with.
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    Appropriate person email

    What do you think about using the "I am trying to find the appropriate person" cold email?