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    Do you use a 3rd party system for delivering the emails?

    How are the emails sent out, from a sales scripter server, my server, or from a 3rd party server?
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    Purchased two subscriptions - how to I link?

    I signed up and purchased two subscriptions. What do I do now to get them connected or create the second user?
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    Linking with Mailchimp and G-Suite

    Hi - how do I integrate Salesscripter + Mailchimp to my G-Suite Emails? Thanks!
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    How do I purchase consulting hours?

    I don't see consulting on the website or can't figure out where to purchase it. Where do I find that?
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    Do you have a Zapier integration app?

    Do you have an app on Zapier or can I use Zapier to connect my CRM with SalesScripter?
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    Help with objections I get when calling for timeshares

    I work for a timeshare company and I call existing customers and have them come in to do a owner review and give a gift to get them to come in.. But I need a good script cause I get a few objections but will this help me with this?
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    I need a voicemail script that will get prospects to return my call

    Nobody ever calls me back when I leave my voicemail messages. What script will get people to call back?