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  1. mhalper2000

    Google Integration

    We have added new integration between Google and SalesScripter in two areas: 1) If you use Google calendar, you can now link SalesScripter tasks with your Google calendar so that when you create tasks for yourself, those tasks will also get added to your Google calendar. 2) If you use Google...
  2. mhalper2000

    New Gmail Integration

    SalesScripter now offers integration with your Gmail or Google Workspace email account. If you turn this integration on, the emails that. you send out of your SalesScripter account will go out using your Gmail or Google Workspace email account instead of using the SalesScripter delivery...
  3. mhalper2000

    Can sort columns

    You can now sort the columns on the pages that list contacts or accounts. By default, we sort by Quality Points putting contacts and accounts at the top that have the most quality points. If you prefer to sort by name or another field, you can go to this page in settings, then either folder tab...
  4. mhalper2000

    New Google calendar integration

    We have added integration for Google calendar. If you use Google calendar, you can go to Integrations and turn on the Google calendar integration and that will allow any tasks that you create to get added to your Google calendar.
  5. mhalper2000

    Two new voicemail scripts added to library - cross-selling cold emails

    In a same way that we just added two new emails for cross-selling, we have also added two new voicemail scripts for cross-selling.
  6. mhalper2000

    Two new email templates added to library - cross-selling cold emails

    We just added to different email templates to the library that designed to be cold emails that you can send to existing customers to try to engage and cross-sell your other products or services.
  7. mhalper2000

    New marketing document - Website Homepage Layout

    When you go through the sales message builder of SalesScripter, the majority of what is created could or should be on your website. For example, you will brainstorm benefits, pain points, features, and differentiation points. All of these would be good to include on your website and could even...
  8. mhalper2000

    You can now pause email campaigns

    You can now pause email campaigns by clicking PAUSE on the EDIT and VIEW pages. When you press pause, all emails and queues will be paused until you click the RESUME button.
  9. mhalper2000

    Example of a Cold Call with Analysis and Recommended Cold Call Script

    Here is a cold call example from a financial advisor. In this video, we provide the cold call, review of what went well and what could have been better, and then we provide a recommended cold call script at the end.
  10. mhalper2000

    Warm Call Script Example Play-By-Play (Cross-Sell Cold Call Script)

    This is a cold call that we received from one of our vendors. The rep seems to be performing a customer check-in type of call but we can assume that he was trying to perform some cross-selling based on his questions. Here is the video with the call, analysis, and recommended call script.
  11. mhalper2000

    What to do with the zip code field when entering your credit card (I do not live in the United States)

    One of the most common purchasing questions is "I do not live in the United States and do not have a zip code. What do I do with the zip code field on the credit card form?" Here is the answer to that: The form is designed to detect which country you are in and display the appropriate fields...
  12. mhalper2000

    Create unique dashboard for your subusers

    We have published an update that allows you to create a different dashboard for your linked subuser accounts (different customized dashboard from the PRO user). The reason you might want to do this is that the PRO user and Subuser may benefit from seeing different information on their...
  13. mhalper2000

    Real Cold Call Example Play-by-Play - LinkedIn Cold Call

    This is a real cold call example with play-by-play analysis. At the end of the video we also provide a recommended cold call script that could have been used to improve the results of the call in this situation. For more information, visit If you would like to...
  14. mhalper2000

    You can now edit left sidebar

    There is a very high likely that there is a feature or page inside of SalesScripter that you do no use or need and with that you do not need to see it. Now you can edit the left sidebar by going to this page to hide anything that you do not use and...
  15. mhalper2000

    7 Steps to Creating a Great Cold Call Script

    Here are 7 steps to try to go through with your cold call script and when on a cold call with a prospect.
  16. mhalper2000

    Automatically add contacts on a list to an email campaign

    In the CRM, you can add contacts to a list. You can now set it so that contacts that get added to a list get automatically added to an email campaign. An example of how you might use this is that you might have a list of contacts that attended events that you hosted, let's say webinars for...
  17. mhalper2000

    We are now scanning imported email addresses

    When you import a list of contacts, we now scan the email addresses checking for validation and deliverability. If the email address is detected to be invalid and undeliverable, the contact's subscribe status will be changed from "Subscribed" to "Undeliverable" and emails will not go out to that...
  18. mhalper2000

    This is What Your Sales Process Should Look Like

    This is a clip from a training video on Chapter 16 from The SMART Sales System where we talk about how to simplify and organize your sales process in order to make selling easer and more successful. You can watch the full training video that this is taken from here
  19. mhalper2000

    The Easiest Way to Improve Your Cold Emails

    This is a clip from a sales training webinar that we hosted on email prospecting where we talk about one of our tips to not ask the prospect about if they have read or seen your other emails. If you would like to watch the full webinar and download the slides, you can do that on our website blog...
  20. mhalper2000

    Now can edit the fields that are displayed and order on CRM pages

    We have added a page in the area of Settings called Edit Layout that allows you to do two things: 1. You can hide any fields that you do not need and do not want to see when you are looking at contacts, accounts, and opportunities in the CRM 2. You...