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    Import accounts

    Is there any way to do a csv import for accounts? I am getting a list of prospective clients and I want to add them as accounts. I was hoping that we could do this via an import and not have to do it manually.
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    Email guesser for a list

    I saw the email guesser section. I have list of contacts. If I have to do this one at a time it will be very cumbersome. What do you recommend to have several hundred names through an email finder?
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    CRM structure for contacts and accounts

    Question- does your crm link the contact and account together so that, if say i complete a contact “record” Does it simultaneously create one in the accounts section— so that later if i dont remember a contacts name but remember the company he works for (account in your crms case) I can find...
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    Sales training

    We are a small team of about 5-6 sales people (based in Europe) and we are looking to get some training done. Neither of us have marketing/sales background and we all have been doing business development as a side to our normal jobs. we are looking at topping up our negotiation, closing sales...