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    consulting question

    What is the difference between setup service and consulting hours?
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    Adding fields to crm?

    Hi Michael, I'm trying to import my contacts... I have fields in my csv that aren't being captured. Is there a way to add these fields inside the crm?
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    Message saying document is now disconnected from message builder

    I am editing my emails and after I save there is now a message saying that it now disconnected from the sales message builder. What does that mean? Is this a problem?
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    Coaching question

    I am currently an SDR for a tech company and with current events, I am looking to get myself to the next level/keep improving my sales skills. I wanted to get some more information on some of the things that are usually covered for similar clients. How does this coaching session work? What is...
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    Subscription levels

    Greetings i need some info please on the packages and subscriptions levels