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    Add another contact

    On the screen where you enter details to add a new contact can you add a button at the bottom that allows me to save and add another? Right now I have to go back to contacts and then click add a contact again. Not big deal but this button would save a few clicks and page changes and if you have...
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    Do I download the software or cloud?

    If I purchase, do I have to download the software or is it cloud?
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    Only seeing dashboard on iphone X

    I am trying to access Sales Scripter on my phone which is iphone X and I only see the dashboard and no other features. Why is that?
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    Objections not showing on scripts

    I have customized my objections in the response builder and the show on the scripts with one sales pitch but not my other sales pitches. Do you know how to fix?
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    If I sign up for annual, can I get a discount on monthly

    If I sign up for one month on monthly and then upgrade to the annual, can I get a discount on the month that I paid at full price?
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    Help with one call close

    We have one phone call to pitch our product and get the buyer to chose us to undertake a survey. Would you have any advice about how we might be able to close this type of sale in one phone call? Thanks.
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    What is a good subject line for cold email?

    What is a good subject line for cold email?
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    Add more fields in CRM?

    I have some unique fields specific to my product that I need to be able to add to whatever CRM I use. Can I add more fields as I don't think your CRM will have fields for these details as standard.
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    Responding to not interested responses

    I am doing cold email prospecting on LinkedIn and I get a lot of not interested responses. I am trying to think of how to respond to those so that I can change their mind. Do you have any tips?