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    Download all my answers

    Hello, Is there a way for my to download all of my answers that I put in the Sales Message Builder?
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    Integration with Active Campaign

    I see SalesScripter integrates with Activecampaign. Does it integrate similar to the way it integrates with Sales Force?
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    How do I know when a contact reads and email?

    How do I know the status of an email whether a contact has read it or not?
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    Is it better to email first or call first

    If I am cold calling, should I email first or call first? Which is better?
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    Does the system stop sending emails when replied

    If I send a series of emails and a contact replies to a message, does the system stop future emails from going to them?
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    Is there an option for someone to unsubscribe on the email?

    If I send emails out of your system, will my contacts have an option to unsubscribe from future emails? How does it work?
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    How long does it take to build a cold call script?

    How much time will it take me using your system to create a cold call script?
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    Are the scripts able to be edited?

    Can you edit and change the scripts that the system gives you?
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    How to not sound like a robot

    How do I stay consistent after every no on the phone and not sound robotic? What would you recommend?