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    Email mail merge

    Hi, The email templates start with this format, "Hello [contact first name]". When, say, select a contact and define an email campaign, does the [contact first name] get replaced with the contact first name or not? I am not really sure where I can check. Thank you!
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    Add attachments to the crm

    Hello Is there an option to add attachments for each contact or company?
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    Scripts for employee benefits

    What type of sales scripts do you have a available for products related to employee benefits?
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    How to improve upselling

    Do you have an advice on how to improve upselling on inbound calls. Do u have any ebook or article regarding inbound upselling?
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    Training for new reps

    hi, I am considering to use sales scripter for my new sales rep. I am looking for a road map that enables me to set learning targets. Are such available?