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    Inbound scripts

    Most of the documents that are preloaded in the Sales Playbook are designed more for outbound sales. There is an inbound script and some meeting scripts but there are a lot of outbound call scripts, voicemail scripts, and cold emails that you might not need or use if you are not doing outbound...
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    Download documents?

    Yes. Every document in the library has an option to download it. You can download any and all of the documents and you can do that with any subscription level and there is not a fee for downloading documents.
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    How to Become a Better Sales Closer

    This is a recording of a sales training webinar where we outlined tips and tactics that will make closing sales prospects easier and make you a better closer. If you would like to download the slides for this presentation, you can do that on our website blog where we posted this video and...
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    Importing contacts

    If the list and contacts you are importing have an email address, there will not be any duplicates created because the system is designed so that only one contact can be created for each email address. This rule prevents duplicates from being created. Although, if your list is contacts without...
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    Importing contacts

    If you are importing a list of people, import as Contacts. If you are importing a list of companies, businesses, or organizations, import them as Accounts.
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    Reps only see their contacts

    Yes. Go to settings then organization. Form there you will see linked users. This is where you can set the visibility rights for each user and can either set to see all records or see only the records they own.
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    How to Screen and Qualify Prospects

    This is a recording from week 10 from our 15-week sales training webinar series on The SMART Sales System where we discussed how to screen and qualify prospects to separate the good from the bad. If you would like to purchase a copy of the book The SMART Sales System - SELL SMARTER, NOT HARDER...
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    Create a second set of objection responses

    You only can have one set of objections per sales message. If you want to have second set of objections, a workaround could be to clone the sales message and have a separate sales message for presentations where you can then have only the objections for presentations.
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    How can I see if emails got sent out

    If you go to CRM > Reports > Email Reports ( you can run a report for emails sent to see what went out. If you don't see the emails there, you may want to run a report on emails scheduled to see if the 50 emails are there and have not gone out yet.
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    Adding fields to crm?

    Yes, you need to add fields to the CRM that are on your list that are not currently in the system. You can do that by going to Settings, and then Custom Fields here Once you add the new fields, you will then be able to import your file and map...
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    Message saying document is now disconnected from message builder

    The way the system is designed is that when you enter information in the Sales Message Builder, that information flows to the Sales Playbook and is displayed (added) to documents. For example, if you change or add new benefits, those changes will impact emails that have your benefits. When you...
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    Change scheduled emails

    Unfortunately, once you send and schedule emails, you cannot edit those. But I can see why that will be helpful and talk with my team about adding that option. You can certainly delete scheduled emails and you can do that by either viewing the contact and clicking delete in section "Scheduled...
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    Adding contacts to a list

    There are many ways to add contacts to a list. When on a contact record, there is a button at the bottom of the page that allows you to add the contact to a list. When viewing a list of contacts on a page, you can select the checkboxes on the left side and push button at the top that says Add...
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    Email signature is double spaced

    When editing your signature, if you hold "Shift" when you press return, there will not be a double space between rows of text in your signature.
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    How to Deal With and Get Around Sales Objections

    The point is to focus more on selling the meeting than trying to sell the product. Sure, don't sell the meeting and waste your time with a prospect that does not fit. Of course, if you identify that the product does not fit, just as you would hopefully not continue to sell your product, you...