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    Customizing the name drop

    As the software industry continues to grow, vacancies for QA analysts are increasing within tech giants and startups. As these companies work to implement Agile methodologies and collaborate ideas with technology, they need people with a keen eye for detail and the ability to analyze software...
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    Training for new reps

    Another type of app is the hybrid app, which provides the best of both worlds. It works on a wide variety of platforms and uses web technologies. It is also capable of working on mobile devices. Hybrid apps are written with web technologies and run inside a native container, leveraging the...
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    Google Integration

    IT consulting services for software development offer a broad range of expertise in the field. They help companies find the right software for their business needs. The consultants will evaluate your business goals and your customers' needs, then translate these requirements into technical...
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    User manual

    If you choose a software development service , it is essential to select a firm that has experience with mobile apps and the latest technology stack. The best companies will provide daily or frequent updates so that you can stay up to date...
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    Example of a Cold Call with Analysis and Recommended Cold Call Script

    A software development service deals with the process of developing software. It may require a specific methodology or set of tools, depending on the client's requirements These requirements may be dictated by the end user, client policies, or industry...
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    What does clone button do?

    When choosing a software development team, make sure you know exactly what functionalities you need. This will allow you to determine a realistic budget and hiring process for the development team . This will also help you gauge the time it will take to...
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    Download our Chrome Extension to send templates out of Gmail / G-Suite inbox and track opens and clicks

    Whether your application is large or small, MySQL provides scalability and flexibility. It can handle terabytes of data while also scaling horizontally. It is also easy to migrate. In addition , MySQL is cost-efficient, easy to use, and has the best reliability of any database...
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    Training resources for the CRM

    B2B Lead Generation There are many ways to generate leads for your e-commerce business, but none of them are as effective as B2B lead generation. This article covers Linkedin and other social media platforms that are relevant to this particular niche, as well as how to generate leads from gated...
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    What to do with the zip code field when entering your credit card (I do not live in the United States)

    How to Find the Best Email Checker There are several email checkers available on the market, but how do you find the best one? In this article, we'll look at Mailboxlayer, Melissa Lookups, UpLead, and email deliverability test . These services have a great reputation in the industry and are the...
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    What is a good subject line for cold email?

    We don’t need to specify the index.js and --mode=development options anymore, since webpack is loading those options from the webpack.config.js file. This is better, but it’s still tedious to enter this command for each code change — we’ll make this process smoother in a bit...
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    Responding to not interested responses

    Thanks for this interesting and useful information! Very helpful!
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    How to guess a prospect's email address

    Still, it’s not as bad as it seems. Things are settling down, particularly with the adoption of the node ecosystem as a viable way to work with the frontend. It’s nice and consistent to use npm as a package manager , node...
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    Watch a demo of the software here

    In all, the impact of Covid-19 on the tech industry, and on web developers, has been minimal compared to other sectors. Although the situation is still unfolding, new and aspiring web developers can feel confident that they’re embarking on a future-proof career .
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    edit email signature

    However, a successful developer has to provide more than just popular software solutions. For various reasons, even big development studios sometimes work on quite original projects. Such tasks often define their reliability as a software contract. Also, no matter the task, customer-developer...
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    How long do you keep our data

    AMP pages do not have a lot of features and are a stripped down version of the standard web pages. It is devoid of the complex user experience which is available on the Non-AMP sites and pages. When a standard web page is converted to AMP it puts readability and page loading speed as top...