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    Take out double line spacing in email signature

    In regards to my email signature, how can I take the double spacing out of the grouping?
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    Email signature not saving

    HI, my saved email signature is not on the email, while I'm preparing to send it out. Have I done something wrong?
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    Where do email replies go?

    If I send emails out of sales scripter where do the email go when the contact replies? Is there an inbox in sales scripter?
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    Interaction Reports is there video

    Is there a video that explains how to use the interaction reports?
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    How do I connect with my ringcentral account?

    I use ringcentral for my phone system how do i connect or set up so that my account is connected with my phone system?
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    Inserting contact name

    How do I get a script to show the contact's name?
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    Tell the contact you know they opened the email or clicked?

    If you are cold calling a contact that you emailed and you know from the email system that they opened the email or clicked a link in the email, should you say that in your call script that you see they clicked or opened?
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    Track email opens and clicks?

    Does sales scripter track when contacts open emails and click on links? Does the contact know they are being tracked or are they notified?
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    How does the scripter walk through work?

    I am thinking about purchasing the scripter walk through service. Is this still available and how does it work? How do I talk to about scheduling that and where do I purchase?
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    Can I hide the job postings from my employees?

    There are job postings in Sales Scripter and I don't want my salespeople to see those and get distracted or find another job. Can I hide those?
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    Can I add another email template in the sales playbook?

    Is there a way for me to add a new email template? I see the page with all of the email templates, how can I add a new one?
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    Use this for more than one company?

    I have multiple companies that I would like to use this system for. Is that something I can do in one account or would I have to get an account for each company?
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    Why would I use SalesScripter for more than one month?

    If I use SalesScripter to create my script, why would I use it for more than one month? I like the product but why would I need it more than a month or the annual? Also, can I cancel at any time or am I locked in?
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    Do you have versions in other languages?

    Hello I am currently operating in Spain and some other countries in Europe. Does your software have any other languages or language support?