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    See when emails will go out on email campaign

    I have contacts going through an email campaign. How can I see when the emails will go out for each contact?
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    Download documents?

    Hello, Is it possible to download the scripts and documents? or is there a fee for that? thanks
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    What frequency would you send cold emails?

    If you are sending one contact multiple cold emails, how much time would you put in between each message?
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    Free trial?

    Is there a way to test the software in any type of trial?
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    Can I use my own scripts and objections?

    We already have our own scripts and objections we just would like to use sales scripter for the interactive layout. Is the program customizable enough for us to already plug in our own scripts?
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    Cold call outsourcing

    Do you guys provide cold call outsourcing services? I am not sure if you do that or not from your website. I am looking for someone that I can hire to do our cold calling.