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    Which browser should I use

    Hi which browser should I use with salesscripter?
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    Can I export contacts

    Am I able to export contacts?
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    Integrate with Get-Prospect

    I am using Get-prospect with LinkedIn to collect emails of Biz; now, I need email automation. I was looking at the Co. they integrate with, and sales scripter is not one. I want to make sure that I can.
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    Charge for scripts

    Do I have to pay for creating additional scripts or a fee per script?
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    Limit of scripts

    Is there a limit on the number of scripts I can create?
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    Can my people use one account or I need to get more than one account

    I have 10 salespeople. Can we use one account or do we need an account for each person?
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    LinkedIn connect invitation templates

    Do you have email templates for connecting on LinkedIn or inviting to connect?
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    Can't get people to answer the phone

    I can't seem to get anyone to answer the phone. What can I do in that situation?
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    How do I delete all accounts or contacts in CRM

    How do I delete all of my accounts and contacts in the CRM because he messed up the import.
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    Can I cancel or am I locked in for a period of time?

    I am thinking about signing up but how long do I have to commit for? Can I cancel at any time or am I locked in?
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    Getting objections from gatekeeper for banking services

    Thank you for your time, and I hope you might have a moment to reply. My job is to cold call companies on behalf of bankers, with the goal of setting appointments with the companies to see if they might be open to changing banks. The level of people I call are Business Owners, CFO's and VP's of...