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    Need some help

    I am about to give up. The customers hang up, they curse, the gate keepers keep the gates tight. My question is, am I the problem, or does the campaign suck?
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    How to get clients to meet with me

    I am an investment advisor and I need to get clients from the bank to meet me to review there investment portfolios. I need to get them to feel this is urgent as it’s generally not an urgency. How do I get them to feel a sense if urgency?
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    How many value points is correct

    I have a lot of value points but how many should I create. What is the right number?
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    How to add additional users

    I would like to add more users how do I do that?
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    Can you break out the scripts in terms of pricing

    Hi I don't think I am going to use the CRM and email system. Do you have a price if I only want to use the scripting part of the system?
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    Where do I edit the objections?

    I would like to edit the objections and add more objections. Where or how do I do that?
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    Are scripts good or bad?

    I have always heard scripts are bad to use and that you will sound like a robot. But you think I should use a script so why?
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    How many times to call

    How many times should a I call a prospect before moving on? How many voicemails should I leave?
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    Import excel or csv

    Can I import a list of contacts from excel or csv?
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    Email questions

    Question...on the email component can it do blasts (multiple recipients) and will it show my company email domain and company info to the recipient or Sales Scripter?