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    changing an email on email campaign

    If I change an email address for a contact that is already in a email campaign will the email campaign start over? I have been told that an email i have for a contact is bad and been given the correct one. How do I begin a new campaign for that email address?
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    Change sales process stages on drop down in opportunity

    I would like to change the drop down list for stage in opportunities. Is this possible and if so how do I do this?
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    Creating benefits question

    I am new to sales scripter, I am trying to create sales message for the retailer procurement manager . But, the product feature and benefits is for the end user, Therefore, the features of the product is conflicting with retails buyer manager, I am confused and I need help with sales messages...
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    Paying cold callers

    Hi I am thinking about hiring cold callers and paying them when they generate leads with a sizeable commission so that they get paid for what they produce. Do you have any thoughts on that?
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    Edit or customize objections and objection responses

    Hello, can I change the objections and objection responses and if so where do I do that?
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    Pricing quesiton

    I'm a one man show trying to get my startup off the ground this year, My goal is to hire sales staff over the next 30 days to really scale fast primarily via email and phone. Something like your salescripter can really help me with. How much is it again to get just myself going with...
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    Consulting quesiton

    I see you offer 2 or 5 hour packages for consulting. What is offered with that? If I purchase the software, which consulting package will I need?