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    White label version?

    Do you guys have a white label version for agencies to use as part of their services?
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    Scheduling the timing of emails that are sent in future

    Hello, I see on the email threads that there is a schedule delivery timing option and I can set a number for days or weeks. How does that work? Is that the amount of time after the first email or the time between each email?
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    Use how with sales team

    How does this work for a team of sales reps? Can I give my sales reps access to my account?
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    call/email cadences

    Hi, are there call/email cadences included in Sales Scripter?
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    Can't see sales message builder on phone

    I am not able to see the options for the sales message builder on my phone
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    Change from email address

    How do I change the from email address that emails are coming from when sent out of sales scripter?
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    Integrate with salesforce essentials?

    Hi does this integrate with salesforce edition essentials? Thank you.