811, 2018

How to Clone Yourself and Scale Your Sales Results

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504, 2018

10 Things to Do When You Feel Like You Suck at Sales

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Regardless of how much experience you have selling, it can be easy to feel like you are not doing a good job. If you feel like that or that you do not know what to do to get better, join us for our next webinar “10 Things to Do When You Feel Like You Suck […]

2801, 2018

Free Access to Our Email Guesser Tool

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One of SalesScripter’s most popular features is our email guesser, which is a tool that allows you to put in a name and the software will tell you what their email address is.

We get a lot requests from people that only want to use our email guesser but we don’t sell it by itself.

To respond […]

1605, 2017

Automate Your Sales Prospecting Emails

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1211, 2016

How to Guess a Corporate Email Address

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When you work in B2B sales, it can be common to know a prospect’s name and the company they work for but not have their email address. If this is a situation that you find yourself in, don’t worry as there is a fairly simple process to figure out what their email address is and […]

2310, 2016

6 Tips for Your Telephone Script

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Here are a six tips for your telephone script.

1. Try to not sound like a salesperson trying to sell something.
One of the most important things that we want you to start thinking about is that your prospects get a lot of calls from salespeople that are trying to sell them something. Not only is it not […]

1709, 2016

Sending Sales Prospecting Emails

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SalesScripter will provide you with sales prospecting emails. You can either copy these emails and dump them into whatever system you use to send emails. But you can also send these sales prospecting email templates directly through SalesScripter and we explain how to do this in this short video.

Here are a few reasons why you […]

1304, 2016

Sales Pitch Template

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It can be tremendously helpful to use some sort of sales pitch template when trying to figure out what to say when talking with sales prospects.

Click Here to Receive an Email with a Call Script Template Outline


Here are some of the main sections that you can include in a sales pitch template:

Elevator Pitch
Any good sales […]

702, 2016

How to Be the Tom Brady of Sales Pros (Part II)

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<< How to Be the Tom Brady of Sales Pros (Part I) <<

Game Planning
You can’t look at Brady’s success and exclude the fact that it is a team sport and there are a lot of other moving parts and players. New England has been known for good game planning and the way that Tom Brady […]

602, 2016

How to Be the Tom Brady of Sales Pros

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Whether you are a fan of Tom Brady or not, you have to have respect for his consistent results. In the past 15 years, his team has only missed the playoffs two times. Of those playoff runs, his team went to the Super Bowl six times winning four of the six appearances. And in all of the […]

202, 2016

When to Perform the Sales Takeaway

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One of the most powerful sales tactics is the sales takeaway. This refers to the sales tactic where you actually takeaway what you are trying to sell to either motivate the prospect to move forward to or to fully disqualify the prospect and move on. But while this is a great sales tactic to use, it […]

1912, 2015

Don’t be a Narcissistic Salesperson

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We currently live in a very narcissistic world today. If you are ever on social media, you will notice a steady flow of selfies and status updates that solely centered around what the person posting is doing, has received, achieved, etc.

The Problem with this Behavior
The interesting thing about this is that what motivates this behavior […]