Whether you realize it or not, you likely experience someone giving you a sales pitch just about every day. I experienced one yesterday and I was very impressed with the sales person’s approach so I thought it might be good to point out some of the things he did well. Here is Part II of this example.

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5. He focused on differentiation.
Once he completed a little discovery about me, he began to shift toward talking about what he had to offer. But he still did not walk me over to the phones. He took me to the side and he focused on communicating how he is different than the competition.

If you think about it, the phones are relatively the same regardless of provider so it really does not improve his position by talking about those. He had some clear differences and he went to those as a the next step in his sales pitch.

6. He worked hard to customize a solution.
Based on the information that he gathered in terms of my requirements and what I was looking for, he put together a solution that was attractive and one the was more competitive than the competition. (We still have not looked at phones at this point)

7. He was not too pushy.
Throughout the process, he was informative and consultative, but he was never aggressive or pushy in his sales pitch. We did reach a point where I left without making a purchase because there was one thing that I had to research before being able to move forward.

I communicated to him what the next step would be and he did not try to overcome that or challenge that even though it did not align with his hopes as to what the next step would be.

The Deal Closed.
After I completed my research, I went out of my way to return to the same store and made the purchase with him. He closed the deal based on the following reasons:

  • The overall solution that he proposed
  • The positioning that he performed against the competition
  • The rapport that he built through the process through a consultative selling approach

Key takeaways
Let’s stop think about the product that is being sold here – a mobile phone. A very commoditized product – many different phones available that all primarily perform the same functions and many different providers that offer the same overall services. The sale is also could be seen as more of a transactional sale.

Yet, we are still able to break it down and apply all of the following concepts to improve results:

  • Making it more about your prospect
  • Asking good questions
  • Listening to your prospects
  • Understanding the competition involved
  • Focusing on your differentiation
  • Customizing a solution based on the prospects needs

If these concepts can influence a transactional sale, think about the impact they can have on large enterprise opportunities. They can be the difference between failure and success.

Apply some of those to your sales pitch as you try to improve your game.