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28 08, 2021

Deliver Sales Presentations that Close Deals

By |2022-04-03T15:50:18+00:00August 28, 2021|Closing Sales, Sales Pitch, Sales Scripts, Sales Tips, The SMART Sales System Training Program|

In this video, we provide a training module on how to deliver sales presentations that make closing deals easier. Pre-Presentation Tips One of the best ways to improve your sales presentations and sales demonstrations involves the steps you take that lead up to your presentation. To make this tip clear, in other training videos we [...]

14 08, 2021

How to Respond to the “I Can’t Afford Your Product” Sales Objection

By |2021-08-18T22:07:59+00:00August 14, 2021|Sales Objection Rebuttals|

One of the more difficult objections to respond to is “I can’t afford your product” sales objection. While it is indeed a difficult objection, there are a couple of different ways to respond and we will outline those here. Deflect to the value you offer Whenever a sales prospect starts giving an objection that they [...]

8 08, 2021

Cold Calling Example for Accounting Services With Analysis

By |2021-08-09T13:58:29+00:00August 8, 2021|Cold Call Script, Cold Calling, Cold Calling Examples, Inside Sales, Lead Generation, Sales Prospecting, Sales Script Example | Examples of Sales and Call Scripts, Sales Scripts, Telemarketing, Telesales|

In this video, we provide a real cold calling example of a salesperson cold calling to sell accounting services. After the video, we provide and analysis of what went well and what could have been better. And after the analysis is a recommended cold call script that we put together that we believe would improve [...]