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26 11, 2020

Cold Email Messages for Prospecting on LinkedIn

By |2022-09-23T12:49:20+00:00November 26, 2020|Sales Emails|

Here are some email messages that you can send when prospecting on LinkedIn. These follow the same structure that we use for creating cold email messages that you can send through traditional email but include some minor modifications taking into consideration that the prospect will be reading these in their LinkedIn inbox. This clip is [...]

25 11, 2020

Dos and Don’ts for Prospecting on LinkedIn

By |2022-09-23T12:49:20+00:00November 25, 2020|Sales Pitch, Sales Prospecting|

Here are some dos and don't for prospecting on LinkedIn. Don’t Sound Like a Salesperson There are two reasons that make it even more important to not sound like a salesperson when communicating with prospects on LinkedIn. First, the people that you want to pursue are likely getting messages from a lot of product selling [...]

24 11, 2020

Closing Should Be the Easiest Step of the Sales Process

By |2022-09-23T12:49:20+00:00November 24, 2020|Closing Sales|

Many salespeople view closing sales as the key thing they need to improve in order to sell more. I personally believe that if you do the right things during the sales process, closing should be the easiest step. And in some cases, deals will almost close themselves. A Good Sales Message Makes Closing Easier If [...]

23 11, 2020

Find a Compelling Event to Make Closing Easier

By |2022-09-23T12:49:21+00:00November 23, 2020|Closing Sales|

One thing you can do to close more sales is to try to find a compelling event. A compelling event is a date of significance for the prospect regarding his or her need to purchase your product. For example, if the prospect is looking at replacing a current vendor and the current contract expires on [...]

18 11, 2020

Here is How to Do the Sales Takeaway

By |2022-09-23T12:49:21+00:00November 18, 2020|Closing Sales|

One of the more powerful closing tactics is the sales takeaway. This tactic is where the salesperson switches from trying to get the prospect to buy the product to trying to take away the option for the prospect to buy the product. How to Do a Sales Takeaway Here are a couple ways to take [...]

10 11, 2020

New Email Campaigns Feature

By |2022-09-23T12:49:21+00:00November 10, 2020|Email Marketing|

We have released a new email campaigns feature that provides more structure and flexibility with how you build and automate your email automation efforts. Contact progress through a series of emails: With the new email campaigns feature, the contacts move through the series of emails and sit in a queue during the pause time that [...]