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2202, 2018

How to Create Email Templates that Save Time and Boost Sales

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We spend a lot of our day sending emails to prospects. Imagine if there were a way to use templates and automation to not only decrease how much time we spend in that area, but what if this process also improved your ability to get engaged and sell to these prospects. Would that be helpful […]

202, 2018

Examples of Closing Questions to Ask When Selling

By |February 2, 2018|Closing Sales, Qualifying Prospects, Sales Methodology, Sales Pitch, Sales Prospecting, Sales Tips|0 Comments

We recently hosted a webinar on how to always know what questions to ask when selling and one group of questions that we discussed were closing questions. Here is a clip from that portion of the webinar.

We break our closing questions down into three categories:

Trial Closing
Soft Closing
Hard Closing

Trial Closing Questions
Trial closing questions […]