May 2017

25 05, 2017

How to Make Cold Calling Easy

By |2017-05-25T16:12:06+00:00May 25, 2017|Cold Call Script, Cold Calling, Inside Sales, Sales Prospecting, Sales Scripts, Telemarketing, Telesales|0 Comments

Cold calling is one of the most difficult sales activities. You are operating in almost a hostile environment, you have a ton of information to share and only have about a 2 to 5-minute window to work in. But believe it or not, we have a process that you can implement that not only makes [...]

12 05, 2017

A “Not So Great” Cold Call Script Example

By |2022-11-09T00:00:27+00:00May 12, 2017|Cold Call Script, Cold Calling, Inside Sales, Sales Pitch, Sales Prospecting, Telemarketing, Telesales|0 Comments

I received a cold call from a salesperson that sells payroll processing services and I thought her sales pitch had room for improvement so I thought I would outline how the call went to create a cold call script example of what not to do. Here is what she said on the call. I will [...]

4 05, 2017

How to Use Sales Gamification to Boost Sales Performance

By |2017-05-04T15:40:30+00:00May 4, 2017|Sales Coaching, Sales Consulting Blog, Sales Management, Sales Tips, Sales Training|0 Comments

We recently held a webinar on how to use sales gamification to improve sales performance and you can watch a recording of it and get the slides here. What is Sales Gamification? To start to understand what exactly gamification in the area of sales is and how to best do it, let’s start by looking [...]

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