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7 02, 2016

How to Be the Tom Brady of Sales Pros (Part II)

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  Game Planning You can’t look at Brady’s success and exclude the fact that it is a team sport and there are a lot of other moving parts and players. New England has been known for good game planning and the way that Tom Brady incorporates that into his plan for success and how to [...]

6 02, 2016

How to Be the Tom Brady of Sales Pros

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Whether you are a fan of Tom Brady or not, you have to have respect for his consistent results. In the past 15 years, his team has only missed the playoffs two times. Of those playoff runs, his team went to the Super Bowl six times winning four of the six appearances. And in all of the [...]

5 02, 2016

Sales Training Webinar – How to Train Your Salespeople to Always Ask the Right Sales Questions

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The best salesperson is the one that asks the best and in this sales training webinar, we outline how to improve your ability to get your salespeople asking the right questions. It Can be Tough Getting Salespeople to Ask the Right Sales Questions This can be a difficult thing to do because not only is [...]

4 02, 2016

How to Know if a Sales Prospect is Likely to Purchase from You

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As you try to determine which sales prospect to pursue and which ones you should continue to invest time into, it can help to have clarity around which ones are likely to purchase from you. Your time is very valuable and you need to protect it from being wasted on poor quality sales prospects. To [...]

3 02, 2016

Assumptions to Make About the Prospect When B2B Cold Calling

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B2B cold calling can be tough. Not only is it tough to just get sales prospects on the phone, but when you do, the prospect may end up being a little difficult or not completely friendly. The first step for you to take with improving your ability to deal with difficult or unfriendly prospects is [...]

1 02, 2016

Sales Training Webinar – How to Build and Maintain Mental Strength While Selling

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In this video is a that focuses on helping you to build and maintain mental strength while selling.   The Profession of Selling Can Be an Emotional Rollercoaster This is an important topic because it can be really tough being a salesperson. Regardless of how good you are or not, there are simply highs and [...]