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27 11, 2015

What is Missing from the AIDA Sales Process Outlined in Glengary Glen Ross

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In the cult classic sales movie title Glengary Glen Ross, there is this scene where Alec Baldwin’s character outlines a sales process that uses the acronym A-I-D-A. While the movie is quite entertaining, this scene reminds me of many things that I feel like are missing from sales processes and techniques that are taught to [...]

22 11, 2015

How to Handle the “Sell Me this Pen” Sales Role-Play

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One of the most common sales role-play exercises that you will see in training programs or interviews is where the request is made to sell a pen. If you ever have seen someone try to do this, most of the time they will not really handle the test the best way. In this post, we will break [...]

2 11, 2015

How to Respond to the “We don’t have any budget right now” Sales Objection

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An extremely common sales objection is that the prospect will say “we do not have budget right now”. While that might sound like an immediate show stopper, there are some key things that you can do to try to get around and resolve that objection. How to Respond when Cold Calling One key thing to [...]