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2910, 2015

Examples of How to Overcome Sales Objections

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You will face sales objections at different points of the sales cycle. We recommend that you don’t deal with objections head on in early sales cycle stages as your goal is to just keep the conversation going and get to the appointment or meeting.

But at some point, it does make sense to try to overcome […]

2810, 2015

Sales Objection Examples

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Here are some sales objection examples and how you can respond to get around the objection.

These are objection responses that redirect the objection to keep the conversation going but to try to take in an a new, yet still related direction.

One thing to keep in mind when you face some of these sales objection examples […]

1710, 2015

Qualifying Questions that Will Make Closing Easier

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One of the best ways to become a better closer is to ask the right qualifying questions when meeting with prospects. These are questions that screen the prospect to see how good of a fit your product is and how likely the prospect is to move forward with the purchase.

Here is a short video that […]