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28 06, 2015

3 Hurdles that Get in Your Way of Sales Prospecting

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If you find yourself thinking you need to do some sales prospecting but you just can’t seem to get going, you are not alone. Part of this might be a little call reluctance, but most can tied to a few hurdles that make it tough to just get your outbound effort going. 1. You don’t know who [...]

21 06, 2015

You Offer Many Different Types of Value

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As salespeople, we often get hung up on talking too much about our products and services. And if we do remember to talk about benefits, we usually just talk about the first level of benefits. The problem with this is that there are actually3 levels of benefits and it is talking about levels 2 and [...]

17 06, 2015

What to Say When the Gatekeeper Says “What is this in regards to?”

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Click Here to Receive an Email with a Sales Script Example   The most common gatekeeper objection is when they ask you “What is the call in regards to?” They use this question as a tool to identify if you are a salesperson or not. And it is very effective. If you follow your instincts [...]

12 06, 2015

Use Name Drops to Improve Your Cold Calling Script

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One easy way to take your cold calling script to the next level is to incorporate name drops. There are two different types of name drops and we will break them down for you in this post. Internal Name Drop An internal name drop is mentioning a name of an individual internal to the organization [...]

5 06, 2015

7 Tips for Your Voicemail Script

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You are going to get prospect voicemail boxes a lot when cold calling so you better have a some sort of plan for your voicemail script. Here are some quick tips. 1. Don’t expect a call back The first tip is to don’t leave a message thinking that you are going to say something that [...]