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26 11, 2013

Converting Your Leads to Sales Webinar

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In case you missed it, Michael Halper, Founder and CEO of SalesScripter, was a guest speaker on a webinar titled “Converting Your Leads to Sales” hosted by SalesNexus. Generating leads is extremely important. But what you do with those leads and being able to consistently convert a high percentage of them to sales is just [...]

25 11, 2013

The Do’s and Don’ts of Cold Calling Ebook

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Cold calling can be tough. Not only do you face rejection on just about every call, but you never really know what to expect and what direction a call will go. This can make cold calling one of the more difficult and less desirable tasks that a sales person must do. And yes, it is [...]

22 11, 2013

Using Content Marketing to Generate Leads

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Michael Halper, CEO of SalesScripter, recently presented at Email World 2013 on how to use content marketing to improve lead generation. Here is a recording of the presentation. Producing good content is becoming increasingly more important when it comes to excellence in the areas of sales and marketing. You need to have good [...]

6 11, 2013

Call Script Demonstration

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SalesScripter produces many different sales call scripts. And while all of the call scripts are a little different from one another, there is one consistent characteristic and that is that the scripts all use an outline structure. This outline structure provides a more usable framework for a couple of reasons. First, an outline makes it [...]