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25 06, 2013

Six Tips to Improve Selling

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Adding extra effort doesn’t always improve selling which is the great thing about sales. This is great because there are clear and practical things that can be done to immediately improve results. 1. Effectively Qualify Prospects We can easily get trapped in the direction of trying to sell to everybody and often times even to [...]

23 06, 2013

How Sales Scripts Can Take You to the Next Level

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Many people can debate whether or not using sales scripts are a good thing. In this article we will outline why a very strong case can be made for how scripts can help you to get to the next level. Using Sales Scripts as a Sales Person As we start to discuss why a sales [...]

22 06, 2013

Reflecting Back to Improve Outbound Sales

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Every person we call and every conversation we have is unique and unpredictable, which is one of the many reasons outbound sales can be challenging. There are things which can be done to better prepare for calls we make, but in the end we never know how the call is going to go. With that [...]

20 06, 2013

How to Get More Sales

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Most businesses have an interest in how to get more sales. The following are some very practical areas to focus on to increase sales. 1. Increase Number of New Prospects that You Touch One of the key variables we need to increase is the number of prospects we are able to touch and connect with [...]

19 06, 2013

Sales Email Example

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Having a sales email example to use as a guide can often help when performing sales prospecting. As we move on to look at examples, it is important to point out that there are actually a few different types of sales emails that can come up when prospecting. Pre-Call Sales Email One effective way to [...]

18 06, 2013

Key Skills for Sales Associates

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The great thing about sales is that there are certain skills for sales that can lead to successful sales performance. Communicating Value It will be important for sales associates to be able to effectively communicate what they have to offer and grab a prospect’s attention. The skill of communicating the value that the sales person [...]

14 06, 2013

How to Make Outbound Calls

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Determining how to make outbound calls when working in sales roles can greatly improve the probability for success. The following are six steps to assist any sales person with improving in this area regardless of their skill level and/or experience. 1. Focus on your core value Clearly identifying the core value you have to offer [...]

11 06, 2013

Five Tips for Sales Lead Follow-up

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Likely sales prospects will ask us to call them back and perform some sort of sales lead follow-up when working to generate leads and/or close sales. This occurs quite frequently so the better we’re able to manage and execute our following up, we have tremendous improvements in overall sales results. The following are five practical [...]