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30 03, 2013

Qualifying Sales with Light Questions First

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When working on qualifying sales during cold calls, lightly qualify first because we’re simply attempting to determine if it makes sense for everybody to keep investing their time in the conversation. Some examples of what to look at when asking light qualifying questions are general questions which identify if things are great, ok, or have [...]

23 03, 2013

Components of a Successful Lead Campaign

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There are clear things to incorporate in order to create a successful lead campaign. Focused Target List Building a target list of prospects for the campaign is a step often overlooked or not given enough attention. It’s common to quickly pull together a target and attack list with more time focused on other areas. This [...]

21 03, 2013

Sales Call Questions that Can Generate Leads

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It can be the difference between failure and success depending on the sales call questions that you ask. Initially, break down the first two different sales process stages to help in outlining what questions you should ask. The first conversation is the initial stage. Setting an appointment is the second stage. There are different questions [...]

11 03, 2013

Writing a Sales Script for Cold Calling

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It may seem like a challenging task when writing a sales script for cold calling. It can become clearer as to what you need to do and say by simply breaking down some of the components of the call. Initially, you will want to identify whether you want to use a direct script or an [...]

9 03, 2013

Keys to Successful Sales Campaigns

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Time and investment should be made in a few areas to improve the chances that your sales campaigns will be successful. 1. Define target audience Having the ability to clearly define the target audience for a sales campaign is one important step usually overlooked. You will be better at generating leads if you are most [...]

7 03, 2013

Effective Sales Tactics – Magnify Uncovered Pain

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It is a given that selling is unpredictable and one thing we can be sure of is we can use sales tactics to create increasingly productive conversations with prospects. Magnifying any pain in which we’re able to identify that the prospect is experiencing is one of those tactics. When using pain in this context, it [...]

3 03, 2013

How to Develop Persuasive Sales Skills

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Commonly, sales people believe in order to be successful you need to have persuasive sales skills. Also, there is a common misconception that you somehow have to manipulate prospects to be truly persuasive.  Actually, you don’t have to be manipulative at all to be effective in building interest as well as getting prospects to move [...]

1 03, 2013

Using Open Ended Sales Questions to Increase Sales

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Having the ability to effectively collect information from prospects is one of the keys for how to increase company sales. The optimal way to extract more information is by asking open ended sales questions. Looking at Closed Ended Questions First Before discussing how to incorporate good open ended questions, let’s discuss closed ended questions. Questions [...]