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3009, 2012

How to Improve Telephone Sales Calls

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A big part of a sales person’s day are often telephone sales calls.  Outbound sales calls are something that needs to be executed and a big factor in the sales person’s ability to generate leads and results.  Focusing on how to improve this area has a big impact on sales performance and there are things […]

2809, 2012

Four Tips for Writing an Outbound Sales Script

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It may seem like a daunting task to write an outbound sales script, but with structure and logic, we can more easily prepare a powerful cold calling script. Following are a few tips to assist someone of any level of sales experience with getting their […]

2509, 2012

How to Develop a Calling Script

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It can be the difference between success and failure when cold calling when developing a calling script. With that said, the good news is there are clear things you can do to develop a cold call script which positions you to reach the most of your potential.

Identify the Target Prospect

First, with developing a cold calling […]

2209, 2012

Effectively Qualifying a Prospect

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One of the most important steps for a salesperson to take is qualifying a prospect due to time is limited and one of our most valuable resources. It is important that we get as much out of the time that we have to work with due to time cannot be replaced. To improve sales performance, […]

2109, 2012

How to Build Interest on a Cold Call

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We need to try to build interest once we have uncovered any pain that the prospect is experiencing on a cold call. At this point, we will begin to take all of the stuff that we have been listening to and begin to share with them some of the details that we have been withholding […]

2009, 2012

Benefits of Using Call Scripts

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A lot of sales professionals debate about whether or not to use call scripts. Not sounding as good when using a sales script is one of the main arguments against using one or not. Because using cold calling scripts requires a level of effort to write and memorize, many professionals do not use them.

With that […]

1909, 2012

Writing a Sales Script for Cold Calling

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It may seem like a challenging task when writing a sales script for cold calling.  It can become clearer as to what you need to do and say by simply breaking down some of the components of the call.

Initially, you will want to identify whether you want to use a direct script or an indirect […]

1909, 2012

Handling Objections in Selling

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It is critical for success to be good at handling objections in selling. Reason being that objections are guaranteed to come up throughout your sales cycle. Following are three objection handling options.


1. Comply with the Objection The option to comply with the objection is always there to agree or give in to the objection.

Importantly, you […]