The SMART Sales System Sales Training Program

FREE 15 Week Sales Training Webinar Series 

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We recently published a book titled The SMART Sales System - SELL SMARTER, NOT HARDER. As part of this book release, we are going to provide a free 15-week (one hour per week) webinar series that will go through all of the modules of the SMART Sales System training program and each chapter of the book.

The program starts on March 11, 2020 and here is the schedule of topics:

      Week 1: Introduction to SMART and Consultative Selling (Chapters 1 - 3)
      Week 2: Building Your Consultative Sales Message (Chapters 4 - 9)
      Week 3: Creating Sales Scripts, Emails, Voicemails, and Objection Responses (Chapters 10 - 15)
      Week 4: Managing the Sales Process (Chapter 16)
      Week 5: Cold Calling (Chapter 17)
      Week 6: Email Prospecting (Chapter 18)
      Week 7: Voicemail Strategy (Chapter 19)
      Week 8: Getting into New Accounts (Chapter 20)
      Week 9: Dealing with Objections (Chapter 21)
      Week 10: Getting Around Gatekeepers (Chapter 22)
      Week 11: Qualifying the Prospect (Chapter 23)
      Week 12: Closing (Chapter 24)
      Week 13: Networking (Chapter 25)
      Week 14: Prospecting on LinkedIn (Chapter 26)
      Week 15: Improving Mental Strength (Chapter 27)

Registering once will enroll you in all of the weekly webinar sessions.

All sessions will be recorded and emails with links will be sent to those that registered. Even if you do not know if you can attend, register so that you can get the recordings.


This training aligns with the chapters in the recently published book The SMART Sales System - SELL SMARTER, NOT HARDER. Click here to get your copy!!

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