The first tip on our list of 10 telesales tips is to try to do what you can to avoid sounding like a salesperson trying to sell something. The reason we start with this tip is that when your prospect senses that you are calling to sell something, they will begin to become guarded and this will make your job more difficult.

Understanding Your Prospect
In order to incorporate these telesales tips, it can help to understand why we make this suggestion and that can start with understanding the prospect.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, it can always be safe to assume that your prospects are extremely busy. Another thing that you can be sure of is that your prospects get a lot of sales calls from salespeople. The higher you go in the organization, the more sales calls they will typically receive.

When you add those two factors together, you will have prospects that can either answer their phone with their guard up or they can be quick to become guarded. Everything that you say and do will affect this level of guardedness. Since the more guarded the prospect becomes will make your call more difficult, we make these telesales tips to help you to avoid triggering their guard.

Sound More Like a Business Person
You may hear this tip and be concerned that how can you do this since you are indeed a salesperson trying to sell something. The answer to that is in these telesales tips and they will help you to sound more like a business person than a salesperson.

Coming from a position of being a person that works for a company and has something to offer and discuss is slightly different than being an annoying or pushy salesperson trying to reach their goal of selling something.

Minimize Talking About Your Company and Product
One way to sound more like a business person than a salesperson is to minimize how much you talk about your company and product. That is something that a salesperson does so when you do this, that can often trigger guardedness on the prospect’s side since they can start to feel that you are about to try to sell them something.

Make the Conversation More About the Prospect
One way to talk a little less about your company and product is to shift conversations so they are more focused on the prospect than on you.

Ask Good Probing Sales Questions
One way to shift conversations so that they are more about the prospect is to ask more questions. When you ask someone a question, you make a conversation more about the other person and this is not only a way to shift the spotlight more to the prospect and sound more like a business person, it will also help you to gain valuable information.

The rest of our 10 telesales tips will help you with this one tip of trying to not sound like a salesperson trying to sell something.